Cherrybrook Technology High School visits Interfab


On the 3rd of March, 13 students from Cherrybrook Technology High School visited Interfab at Baulkham Hills. Interfab took students into the high tech, precision world of metal design and fabrication to explore where over 70,000 items a month are produced.

During the visit, students were shown every aspect of the process, from initial design concept and inception on computers, to the laser cutting and welding of the product, through to final assembly. Students were shown laser cutting, welding, a robot assembling a product, machines that can run 24hrs a day without being manned and the inventory and assembly procedures.

At the end of the visit, students were challenged to create their own mini metal chairs from pieces that had been cut using the equipment they had just seen.

85% of students said they learnt about new jobs that they previously didn’t know about, and 100% of students said they would like to attend another visit.

92% of students also said the visit had changed their opinions of the company and working in the business.