In response to a demanding and changing environment, we have installed equipment that incorporates the latest in manufacturing technology and automation.

Our equipment includes a very high speed flat bed laser and the  punch/laser/forming combination press systems considered to be the most advanced in the world.

We have also embraced the latest in welding technology and welding robot cells to ensure output growth and quality through process efficiency.

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Laser Cutting


Capable of cutting nearly any material, we are able to maintain control of any size project without the need to outsource any of the cutting requirements during the build process.

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Robotic Welding


Welding, along with all other manufacturing processes, has been at the centre of a relentless pursuit of improved quality, better lead times, increased capacity via innovation or expansion and automation through technology.

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Our bending and forming cell comprises of several “LVD” Brake Presses capable of forming products to within 0.15mm.

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